According to the U.S. Yahoo Sports reported, has previously played for the Houston Rockets, nicknamed "Big Ben II" Jay - Dorsey now left the NBA (microblogging), became the absolute core of the Greek giants Olympiakos.Air Max 2012,  In a recent Greek League, Dorsey demonstrated his horrible personal explosive offensive end, in his buckle shattered a backboard in a dunk (microblogging), the ultimate referee decision directed his team to win the game victory.

Dorsey can be described as obscure, in the NBA Summer League and NBDL league show extremely good defensive ability and rebounding skills, but because only 203 centimeters tall and in the NBA to gain a foothold. Dorsey during rocket effect a total of only playing seven games, played just 7.8 minutes 1.6 points and 3.6 rebounds. In the period prior to the effectiveness of the Toronto Raptors, he averaged only 12.1 minutes of playing time, you can get 3.1 points and 4.4 rebounds. NBA Dorsey eventually left the choice to join the the Greek top clubs Olympiakos, which also seems to be his most correct choice.Nike Air Max 2012 Black Pure Platinum 487982-001

In the physical confrontation better NBA fierce Greek League Dorsey gradually find their own positioning. Last season, he helped the team win the league title, was elected the league's best defensive player and the team to renew for two years. Recently in a Greek league, Dorsey is a fast-break which then completed a stunning dunk passing teammate, to overexert rebounds buckle crushing. Dunk this time the audience are looking dumbfounded, the referee also a time do not know how to decide whether to let the game continue.
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Take into account the game less than three minutes come to an end, and dunk Olympiakos has leading by 19 points, so the referee to solicit the views of the two teams, the final choice ahead of sentencing the end of the game, where Dorsey Olympiakos won competitions victory. Arena in the NBA, Dorsey found similar the broken backboard when frequent buckle Shaquille - O'Neal feeling.